Welcome to BookM. This is a simple, easy to use bookmark system. It allows you to create bookmarks, describe them, categorize them and add them to a view. Each view can in turn be tuned to allow for proper display on any device. When viewing BookM on a mobile phone or PDA, you'll probably not care about fancy graphics that take up precious real estate and possibly add to your phone bill. In contrast, on your PC, you'll want to see a page that looks nice

Whether you're at work or at home, you'll likely be interested in a different set of bookmarks. Different members of your family can easily switch to their preferred set of bookmarks. Alternatively, each member could create their own account.

Joost van GilsBookM version: 0.3

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Instructions on how to use this site can be found here.

This project is still under construction. The future will bring:
  • User service page to allow password change, etc.
  • 'Click once' disposable links. Some devices, such as Sony's PSP, allow RSS feeds to be added through a link. You'll only want to do this once.
  • File upload/download
  • Online help

Comments are highly appreciated. Send mail to: bookm AT vangilz DOT com